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Student Support Services

Coach Phil has a flexible family model of helping the student directly or working with one or both parents with the young adult to help with effective college and career planning.  Effective College Planning encompasses preparing the student and family for all the facets of the College Search, Career Exploration, College Applications, Identifying Best Fit Colleges, Academic & Standardized Testing Preparation, Scholarship Searches, College Visits, Establishing Goals & Strategies, Financial Planning & Steps to Avoid Student Debt, Learning from Others’ Mistakes, Mitigating Risk, and Assessing College Readiness.

Depending on the families and students goals, Coach Phil will meet the student or parents between 1 to 4 times a month for 60 to 90 minute working sessions. Coach Phil receives emails and texts from students and parents all the time requesting timely guidance and insights, especially in their Junior & Senior years of High School. Coach Phil has the best interest of both student and parent to provide them with the best strategies to optimize their college experience and show them how to get the best return on their college investment. Contact Coach Phil here.

We are here to help guide you through the college planning process!  This page acts as a useful centralized resource or a “one-stop-shopping” of various websites that will assist you when researching different colleges and universities.  We encourage you to bookmark it and add it to your favorites! 

Feel free to contact me if there are any additional resources that you feel should be added to this list. We are always open to including new websites that fit within one of the selected categories below and have information pertaining to more than one college.